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Buy our Locally Sewn Mask
Buy our Locally Sewn Mask
Buy our Locally Sewn Mask
Buy our Locally Sewn Mask
Buy our Locally Sewn Mask
Buy our Locally Sewn Mask

Buy our Locally Sewn Mask

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We have a new even better Antibacterial Fabric for our face masks!  We have not started to sew them locally yet -- but we do have stock of them premade.

Please see our new SALUS Protective Gear Antimicrobial Fabric pocketed mask w/5 replacement 95% blocking filters.  

Our mask design has a pocket to insert filters to provide additional blockage to viruses and germs (a paper towel filter boosts your blockage by ~25%).

Sizes: we have found size matters!

All measures are taken top edge of mask- touching the skin over bridge of the nose

Large = 23cm / 9" ( ie this fits my husband who is 6')

Medium = 19cm /  7.5"  (ie this fits me - I am 5'3")

Small = 15cm / 6" (ie this fits youth 6yo to 13yo)

These may be sewn @SeattleCreativeStudio, one of our local factories, or in people's homes. Please wash everything before using it. 

Our web site has real-time inventory - so if we run out of stock (soon) please let us know you are interested in preordering via email-- if we have a lot of interest that can help us get funding for our #covidstartup!

Our locally made Bruno Mask has a pocket to add a filter, adjustable elastic head strap (does not use the ears to secure it) and encased nose wire to ensure a #SAFEMASKFIT 

Until we get the 95% block fabric in stock - use a safe filter  (from paper towel to vacuum bag).  Another idea is with a laminate or non-permeable (no water) that will help you to be the safer and an easy way to keep the virus from entering your body.  Test it out before cutting - if it is too think - It can make your mask get hot & fog up glasses.

One more note: Remember to protect other entry points:  eyes and ears!  If you are going on an airplane get all SUITED Glasses, mask, Glove. Better safe than sorry!

Our goal is to continue local manufacturing - but also fill in the urgent need with the bulk import of reusable masks.  I am getting a lot of specialty mask inquiries - so please reach out to me with special inquiries. 

Stay up to date.  We need help please reach out if you are a Sewing Network.

In addition to our factory producing masks daily, we prepare kits of 100 masks for local crafters to sew themselves and sell back to us.

Designs & colors vary based on the current production runs. If you have a specific color or design requests, please contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Please see the WHOLESALE MASK for larger orders.