Auto-Mask Machine
Auto-Mask Machine

Auto-Mask Machine

Regular price $300,000.00

PURCHASE AUTO-MASK MACHINE:  $100,000 to purchase one machine, requires a US Visa for Chinese technician* to set up the machine & train the factory.  

AVAILABILITY:  Machines and raw materials can be shipped immediately upon order/import agreement.

AUTO-MASK MACHINE CAPACITY:  One Machine = 100,000 masks/day in the USA.

RAW MATERIALS:  $180,000 to bring in raw materials* shipped with the machine. Quantity includes enough raw materials to manufacture approx 5 Million masks.

Our Raw Material resource has FDA and Mask certifications; which would need to be resubmitted to the FDA.  We can ensure we have vetted the machine and raw materials to ensure the ability to receive approval from the FDA.  

CERTIFICATION:  $20,000 to cover the FDA certification process for the specific machine/USA factory, fees to cover airfare and fees.

FREIGHT QUOTE:   Duty & Freight costs are not included in this price.

PAYMENT:   This will require a downpayment and payment due at X-factory, arrival and completion of production continuing.  We can arrange the supply chain for ongoing Raw Materials.

*TECHNICIAN:  Our office will create an invitation for an engineer/technician to travel to the US for 2 weeks visa, but we may need high-level assistance to ensure the technician can travel.  Essential for this project.  Guaranteed return of technician on round trip air travel.

Please contact Anne at 206-286-8108 with any questions.